Our Projects

These are some of the projects we have undertaken in Zambia and DR Congo:-

is the fastest growing vehicle tracking company in emerging markets , in 2014 we sealed its partnership deal with Majestic General Dealers (Zambia)Ltd as exclusive partners in Zambia and DR Congo.

  branch expansion in DRC covering Katanga province(Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi). Majestic is an export and distribution company dealing in flour,rice ,biscuits and cooking oil, a subsidiary of the company is involved in local transport within Zambia and vehicle tracking in Zambia and DR Congo.

The two companies are involved in supply of frozen food products (Fish ,chicken and beef) from Walvis Bay -Namibia to Zambia for onward trashipment to DRC. The latter is involved in export of various commodities from DRC such as gold, diamond and other precious minerals.

Registration and drafting of logistics contract between Access Logistics and various mining companies , Access Logistics is a foreign owned company registered in DRC involved in transportation of lime, acid ,copper concentrate and copper cathode within DRC and internationally to the port of Dar er Salaam.


The list of opportunities and products available for import & export from and to DRC is listed here, detailed information on various opportunities is available on request.