Success Stories

These are some of the projects we have undertaken in Zambia and DR Congo:

  1. Tramigo Central Africa-Tramigo is the fastest growing  vehicle tracking  company in  emerging  markets ,  in 2014 we sealed its  partnership deal  with Majestic General Dealers  (Zambia)Ltd as  exclusive partners in  Zambia and DR  Congo.
  2. ETS Majestic branch expansion in DRC  covering Katanga province(Lubumbashi, Likasi  and Kolwezi).  Majestic is  an export and distribution  company dealing in flour,rice ,biscuits and cooking oil, a subsidiary of the company is involved in local transport within Zambia  and vehicle  tracking in Zambia and DR  Congo.
  3. Eliabios General  Dealers & Walimite SARL-( Registration and sales both in Zambia and DRC):The two  companies are involved in supply of frozen  food products (Fish ,chicken and beef) from Walvis Bay -Namibia to Zambia for onward trashipment to DRC.
  4. Access Logistics SARL- Registration and drafting of  logistics  contract  between  Access Logistics and  various  mining companies ,  Access Logistics is a foreign owned company  registered in DRC involved in transportation of  lime, acid ,copper concentrate and copper cathode within DRC  and internationally to the port of  Dar  er Salaam.

The list of opportunities and products available for export to DRC is listed here, detailed information on various opportunities is available on request

About ABT

ABT has a regional presence in East and Central Africa, we facilitate trade into and between the region.

For over five years, we have serviced an eminent list of clients to their satisfaction thus building a brand that offers total trust, confidence and reliability

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Service Offering

  • Business Registration, Recruitment and Premise / Storage Location
  • Pre-investment Due Diligence
  • Sourcing for Supplies and Market
  • Local Business Representation
  • Ticketing, Cargo Handling and Travel Logistics

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