History of D.R. Congo

Best Prospects for Non-Agricultural Products
Used Clothing

  • Telecommunications and Computer Equipment-Poor domestic wired networks have encouraged the growth of cellular. Poor postal and package services have sparked interest in electronic documents
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment- Fluctuating current and heavy use raise demand for both new equipment and spare parts.
  • Electrical Generators and Distribution Equipment-Given the deteriorating and decentralized network, both individuals and firms are moving towards independent supplies.
  • Pharmaceuticals-Basic, generic, antibiotics. The market has seen strong competition from South Asian producers and recent outcries against the sale of outdated medicines
  • Aircraft and related equipment-Congo's air transport sector fills the gap in its poor land networks. Spare parts and used equipment is of particular interest.
  • Mining Equipment-foreign mining companies have been cautiously returning to Congo since 1995, although recently there has been a great influx
  • Forestry Equipment- As with mining, Congo has seen a reentry of players to a sector of enormous potential if export transportation problems can be resolved
  • Agricultural Equipment, Herbicides, Fertilizers -great agricultural potential but severe problems with rural roads and marketing systems. Potential sales are primarily to small farmers.
  • Four-Wheel Drive/Off-Road Passenger Vehicles-Despite Japanese dominance, American-made vehicles in this category also enjoy a good reputation
  • Transport-trucks and tankers, truck and tankers spare parts

About ABT

ABT has a regional presence in East and Central Africa, we facilitate trade into and between the region.

For over five years, we have serviced an eminent list of clients to their satisfaction thus building a brand that offers total trust, confidence and reliability

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Service Offering

  • Business Registration, Recruitment and Premise / Storage Location
  • Pre-investment Due Diligence
  • Sourcing for Supplies and Market
  • Local Business Representation
  • Ticketing, Cargo Handling and Travel Logistics

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