Business registration, recruitment & premise / storage location

The process of registration is fairly straight forward in the respective countries as shown under the link registration procedures, we have storage facilities strategically located at the border town of Zambia and DRC in Kasumbalesa, here we undertake transhipment and cross border sales.

Ticketing, cargo handling and travel logistics

Our established agency network ensures that our customers cargo is professionally handled and delivered on time.

Sourcing for supplies and market

We work with banking institutions to tailor special trade finance instruments such as guarantees and retentions to mitigate against any export risks , there are a number of pre-selected leading sectors for export in DRC that exporters can choose from ,other products are available on request based on season and market conditions.

Pre-investment due diligence

With our agents and partners across various stations in major towns in East and central Africa ,we inspect our customer goods and ensure that the customer receives the goods exactly as ordered.

Local Business representation

It's through our deep knowledge of the DRC market , the Congolese business ethics , local politics and the general business environment that allows us to represent our customers' interests, we have a multi-lingual sales and marketing team on the ground .

The hustles of operating a new business or completing a business transaction in a foreign country consumes a lot of resources , many business people loose a significant portion of their income on travel and accommodation.

Sometimes accessing work/business permits and dealing with foreign immigration is too much headache to most businesspeople , we cut the chase by ensuring that a business transaction is completed with minimal expenses hence our motto Simplifying business in Africa.

About ABT

ABT has a regional presence in East and Central Africa, we facilitate trade into and between the region.

For over five years, we have serviced an eminent list of clients to their satisfaction thus building a brand that offers total trust, confidence and reliability

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Service Offering

  • Business Registration, Recruitment and Premise / Storage Location
  • Pre-investment Due Diligence
  • Sourcing for Supplies and Market
  • Local Business Representation
  • Ticketing, Cargo Handling and Travel Logistics

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